Saturday, January 26, 2013

Of Water Marbling and Hairbrushes

Hi, everybody! Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been very busy with school, and haven't felt like reviewing anything. Today, I decided to try water marbling- A nail art technique where you drip some nail polish into water, swirl it into a pretty design, then stick your nail into it. It sucks. It makes a mess, it takes a lot of nail polish, and half the time you just end up with a colorful, sludgy lump stuck to your finger. However, if you like the swirly look, try this:   Once I recover from the trauma of using 20 Q-Tips to clean my fingers of polish, I'll try that girl's technique. I wish I knew of it earlier.

Anyway, I paid Ulta a visit this afternoon. I learned to pay attention to labels better after the hairbrush that I thought was $4.29 was rung up at $18.99. My mom let me get a cheaper one, but I was a bit saddened. Pay attention to signs,girls.  And if you pick something up, either buy it or PUT IT BACK IN THE PROPER PLACE.

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